Speciality Chemical

1,2,3-Benzo Triazole

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Piece 

AppearanceWhite to pale yellow needle-like powder
Assay99.0% min
Melting point96 - 98 C
Volatile matter0.3% max
Moisture0.1% max
UseInvolved in the production of Corrosion Inhibitors,Anti-fading agent for metals.Anti-freeze Agent,Photoconductor,Copying systems, Pharmaceuticals, pesticide products and other specialty chemicals
StorageKeep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area. Protect against physical damage. Do not vacuum distill. Separate from incompatibles. Containers of this material may be hazardous when empty since they retain product residues (dust, solids); observe all warnings and precautions listed for the product

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 95-14-7

3 Aminobenzamidine Dihydrochloride

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Piece 


  • Molecular Formula : C 7 H 9 N 3 .2HCl
  • Formula Weight: 208.09
  • CAS Registry Number: 37132-68-6

» Specifications:

  • Description: White crystalline powder
  • Identification Melting point: Complies with standard
  • Melting Point: 300°C-302°C
  • Assay by HPLC: >99%

Diethylene Triamine Penta (Methylene Phosphoric Acid)

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Pack 

AppearanceBrown transparent liquid
Iron content35max
Density1.35-1.4520 ºCg/CM3
Packing250 kgs
UseDTPMPA can be used as scale and corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system and boiler water, and especially in alkali circulating cool water system without additional pH regulation, It can also be used in oilfield refill water, cool water and boiler water with high concentration of barium carbonate. When used alone, little scale sediment is found even none of dispersant is used. it can also be used as peroxide stabilizer, chelating agent in woven & dyeing industry, pigment dispersant, microelement’s carrying agent in fertilizer and concrete modifier. In addition, DTPMPA is used in papermaking, electroplating, acid cleaning and cosmetics.
StorageStorage for ten months in room shady and dry place.
Phosphoric acid (as PO43)%3.0max

Zinc Phosphide - 80 PRC. Technical

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Kilogram 
Zinc phosphide "RATIL" is an inorganic chemical that is used to control rats, mice, voles, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, nutria, muskrats, feral rabbits, and gophers. Is is quick - acting, convenient, effective yet economical rodenticide used in baits. Zinc phosphide reacts with water and acids in stomach to release phosphine gas, which kills the pests.

Chemical Formula:
Zn3 P2 6H2O->2PH3 3Zn (OH)2

Characteristics Specifications
Zinc phosphide Content (AI)80% w/w minimum (for Exports according to customer need)
Inert Material0.2
Physical AppearanceAmorphous Black Grey free flowing powder
Bulk Density2.2 gm/cm3
Particle size material passing through 150 micron sieve99% Min
Particle size material passing through 106 micron sieve92% Min


Zinc phosphide - "RATIL" is a rodenticide and is used to control rats, mice, voles, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, nutria, muskrats, feral rabbits, and gophers. It can be used in open dumps, storehouses, warehouses, homes as well as in crop fields for effective control of rodents.


Domestic & Exports1. 10 gms x 1000 pouches in one corrugated box
2. 500 gms tin x 40 tins in a corrugated box
3. 100 gms tin x 100 tins in a corrugated box
4. 1kg tin x 15 tins in a corrugated boxes
5. 25 Kgs & 50 Kgs in MS drums

Phenyl Alpha Naphthylamine

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 

Phenyl Alpha Naphthylamine offered comes with formula of C16H13N and has synonyms of 1-anilinonaphthalene; 1-Naphthyl phenyl amine; N-(1-Naphthyl)aniline; neozone a; N-Phenyl-1-Naphthalenamine and others.




  • Available with CAS No of 90-30-2
  • Having molecular weight of 216
  • Available in bluish reddish crystal mass/fussed solid form
  • Having set point of minimum 57.0 ° C
  • Having purity of 97.0 % minimum
  • Containing impurities less than 0.15 %
  • Available in M.S. drum/HDPE bag packaging options


Chemical NamePhenyl Alpha Naphthylamine
Synonyms1-anilinonaphthalene; 1-Naphthyl phenyl amine;
1-(N Phenylamino) naphthalene; aceto pan; additin
30; algerite; alpha-phenylnaphthylamine; C.I. 44050;
N-(1-Naphthyl)aniline; neozone a; N-Phenyl-1-Naphthalenamine
; N-Phenyl-1-Naphthylamine; N-phenyl-alpha-naphthylamine;
phenyl-1-naphthylamine; phenylnaphthylamine
Structural Formula
CAS No90-30-2
Molecular Wt.216
AppearanceBluish Reddish Crystal Mass or Fussed Solid
Set PointMinimum 57.0 ° C
PurityMinimum 97.0 %
ImpuritiesLess than 0.15 % ( Alpha Naphthylamine )
AnilineLess than 0.1 %
Phenyl B-NaphthylamineLess than 1.50 %
Packing200 Kgs. in M.S. Drums / 50 kgs HDPE Bags

Sodium Sulphite

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 
We are listed at the apex in the list of Sodium Sulphite Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in overseas market. The Sodium Sulfite offered by us is a pure white crystalline powder. We process Sodium Sulfite using superior grade composition. Further, due to its various benefits, our Sodium Sulfite is high on demand in national and international markets.


  • Helps in protecting developer solutions from oxidation
  • Hypo clear solution to fixer
  • Bleaching agent
  • Desulfurizing agent
  • Dechlorinating agent
  • Functions as a sulfitization of tanning extracts

Demanded By:

  • Photographic industry
  • Textile industry
  • Leather industry


  • Formula: Na2SO3
  • CAS No.: 7757-83-7
  • Molecular Weight: 126.04
  • Physical Appearance: White Granular/Powder Material
  • Assay(Min.): 0.95


Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 

Diphenylacetonitrile offered is made available in white to off white crystalline powder form.




  • Product is freely soluble in Acetone
  • Having L.O.D of 0.5% max and melting point of 73-76oC
  • Assay by GLC of 99 % min
  • Known by CAS Number of 86-29-3
  • Having linear formula of (C6H5)2CHCN and molecular weight of 193.24
  • Having bp of 181 °C/12 mmHg(lit.) and mp of 71-73 °C(lit.)
  • Used to produce benzophenone
  • Also finding use as herbicide and an intermediate

AppearanceWhite to off white crystalline powder
SolubilityFreely soluble in Acetone
L.O.D0.5% max
Melting Point73-76 oC
Assay by GLC99 % min

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 86-29-3

4- Bromo-2, 2- Diphenyl Butyronitrile

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Kilogram 

4- Bromo-2, 2- Diphenyl Butyronitrile offered comes in appearance of off white creamish powder form.




  • Having solubility in methanol
  • Having L.O.D of 0.5 % Max and melting point of 65 – 69oC
  • Having assay by GC of 98 % min
  • Known by CAS Number of 39186-58-8
  • Coming with Linear formula of BrCH2CH2C(C6H5)2CN
  • Having molecular weight of 300.19 and assay of 95%
  • It’s a reagent finding use in preparation of neurological antagonists
  • Also finding use as intermediate

AppearanceOff white creamish powder
Solubilitysoluble in methanol
L.O.D0.5 % Max
Melting point65 – 69oC
Assay by GC98 % min

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 39186-58-8

Octyl Acetate

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 

Molecular FormulaC10H20O2
Molecular Weight172.27 g/mol
Boiling Point211 °C
Density0.876 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Lithium Bromide Anhydrous

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 

Our organization has gained a rich clientele for the range of Lithium Bromide Anhydrous chemicals due to their purity, accurate composition, high efficacy, longer shelf life and other remarkable characteristics. To maintain the optimum quality of this chemical, it is specifically formulated making use of accurate blend of finest grade ingredients. Moreover, a controlled temperature is maintained during the production, storage and packaging so that it retains all its original properties.

Descriptionwhite free flowing powder
Assaymin 99 %
Calcium (ca)max 0. 001%
Sulphate (So4)max 0. 002 %
Magnesiummax 0. 001 %
Iron (fe)max 0. 0002%
Lead(Pb)not detected

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 7550-35-8

Tetrabutyl Ammonium Bromide

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Kilogram 

The range of Tetrabutyl Ammonium Bromide that we offer is a white crystalline powder that finds its extensive usage in pharmaceutical industry. Further, the range is carefully formulated and packed under controlled condition so that the products retain their original chemical and physical properties till the very end.




  • Melting point: Between 102-104

  • Moisture content (By KF trueman): NMT 0.5%

  • Loss on drying: NMT 0.5%

  • Clarity of solution: Clear solution (10% in water)

  • Sulfated ash: NMT0.5%

  • Amine Amine: 0.5% salt content

  • Assay by Titrimeter: NLT 99.00% NMT101.00%

  • Storage: Store in well closed container, protected from light

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 1643-19-2

Di Basic Lead Stearate

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Number

We are a distinguished firm engaged in providing DiBasic Lead Stearate, which is formulated using accurate composition of pure and effective base ingredients. Acknowledges as high performing heat stabilizer, these products are widely used in production of PVC and other products in various industries. Further, to meet the diverse needs and demands of the clients, these are offered in varied packaging at most competitive prices.



  • Appearance: White Fine Powder.
  • Moisture: < 1 %
  • Free Fatty Acid: < 1 %
  • Lead Content (as PbO): 52 – 54 %
  • Bulk Density (gm/cc): 0.50 – 0.60
  • Fineness (Through 240 Mesh): 99 % Passes

Specialty Chemical

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 

Specialty Chemical offered is also known by the name of Vinyl sulfone ester of para cresidone.




  • Known by the chemical name of 3-amino, 5-methoxy 2-methyl -phenyl - sulfone sulphuric acid ester
  • Coming with strength of 95% minimum
  • Finding ideal use as intermediates for dyestuffs
  • Having molecular weight of 325 and chemical formula of C10H15NO7S2
  • Having CAS No of 21635-69-8
  • Having assay of 94%
  • Having solubility in lipids/ethanol
  • Having appearance of beige to light pink dry powder form


Trade name:Vinyl sulfone ester of para cresidone
Chemical name:3-amino, 5-methoxy 2-methyl -phenyl - sulfone sulphuric acid ester
Strength:95% minimum

2-Amino, 8-Napthol, 6-Sulfonic Acid

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Number

2-Amino, 8-Napthol, 6-Sulfonic Acid offered is also known by the name of gamma acid and have molecular formula of C10H9O4NS.



  • Coming with molecular weight of 239
  • Finding use as intermediate of azo-dyes used for producing reactive and direct dyes
  • Available in packaging options of 25kgs net plastic woven bags lined with plastic bags
  • Also known by trade name of Gamma acid
  • Available with chemical name of 2-Amino, 8-Napthol, 6-Sulfonic Acid
  • Available in strength of 60% Minimum for Moist Cake
  • Containing 90% minimum for dry powder

Trade name:GAMMA ACID
Chemical name:2-Amino, 8-Napthol, 6-Sulfonic Acid
Strength:60% Minimum for Moist Cake
90% Minimum for Dry Powder

Di Butyl Tin Dilaurate (DBTL)

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 
Di Butyl Tin Dilaurate (DBTL) offered finds use as stabilizer in PVC processing, Lacquers, Elastomers.


  • Also finding use as catalyst for Polyurethanes, Polyols & Silicones
  • Coming with packaging of 35 Kgs / 55 Kgs / 220 Kgs HDPE Drum
  • Having appearance of light yellow liquid
  • Tin content of > 18 % and specific gravity (gm/cc at 25º C) of 1.046 – 1.055
  • Having viscosity of up to 50 cps at 30 º C
  • Refractive index of 1.465 at 33 º C
  • Having solubility in most of organic solvents
  • Di Butyl Tin Dilaurate (DBTL) used as Stabilizer in PVC processing, Lacquers, Elastomers, catalyst for Polyurethanes, Polyols & Silicones


  • 35 Kgs / 55 Kgs / 220 Kgs HDPE Drum


AppearanceLight Yellow Liquid.
Tin Content> 18 %
Specific Gravity (gm/cc at 25º C)1.046 – 1.055
ViscosityUp to 50 cps at 30 º C
Refractive Index1.465 at 33 º C
SolubilitySoluble in most of organic solvents.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 77-58-7

Hydro Bromic Acid 48 Percent

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Kilogram 

Hydro Bromic Acid 48 Percent offered comes with CAS Number of 10035-10-6 and in form of clear colorless to pale yellow liquid form.




  • Available in grade of ACS reagent
  • Having vapour density of 2.8 (vs air) and vapour pressure of 320 psi ( 21.1 °C) 8 mmHg ( 25 °C)
  • Having description of 48% aqueous HBr
  • Having assay of 47.0-49.0% (ACS specification)
  • Coming with specific gravity @ 25 degree C of 1.470 gm/ml
  • Having solubility in water
  • Having boiling point of constant boiling at 124 degree C

Descriptionclear colorless liquid to pale yellow
Specific gravity 25 degree c1.470 gm/ml
Solubilitysoluble in water.
Boiling pointconstant boiling at 124 degree c
Assay (%)48 % minimum
Sulphatel. T. 200 ppm
Chloridel. T. 200 ppm
Ironl. T. 10 ppm
Calciuml. T. 10 ppm
Fee brominenil
Organic matternil
Foreign impuritynil
Other impuritiesnmt 0.5 %

4, 4-Amino Diphenylamine 2-Sulfonic Acid

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 

4, 4-Amino Diphenylamine 2-Sulfonic Acid offered finds use as intermediate for synthesis of AZO dyes/pigments/chemical compounds.




  • Coming with CAS Number of 91-30-5
  • Having Linear formula of C12H12N2O3S and molecular weight of 264.305
  • Also known by the names of 6-(p-Aminoanilino)metanilic acid; F.C. Acid; 4-(p-Aminoanilino)-3-sulfoaniline; 4,4'-Diamino-2-sulfodiphenylamine and others
  • Available in dark blue to grey powder form
  • Finding use as catalyst in esterification, alkylation and condensation reactions
  • As salts or esters of sulfonic acid, it is soluble in water
  • Support improving wash fastness of dyes because of their capability of binding more tightly to fabric
  • Finding wide usage in detergent industry

Trade Name:FC Acid Para Para Acid
Chemical name:4,4-amino diphenylamine 2- sulfonic acid or 5- amino - 2- (p - aminoaniline) -benzenesulfonic acid
Strength:90 % minimum

Acid Dye

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Litre 

Acid Dye offered comprises dye that is salt of sulfuric, carboxylic or phenolic organic acid.




  • Acid dyes are typically soluble in water
  • Possesses affinity for amphoteric fibers
  • Available in different options like Neutral acid dyes, weak acid dyes, strong acid dyes
  • Acid dyes are highly water soluble
  • Provide for better light fastness than basic dyes
  • Increase solubility in water and give dye molecules negative charge

Generic NameColor Index Hue
Acid Violet 4 BSAcid Violet 49
Patent Blue ASAcid Blue 7
Acid Green VAcid Green 16
Acid Black WAAcid Black 52
Acid Black 108 XAcid Black 1
Acid Black RGAcid Black 234
Blue 2GAcid Blue 158
Blue RBAcid Blue 92
Brown 2RLBrown 45
Brown BGBrown 98

4-4 Diamino Benzsulphanilide

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 

4-4 Diamino Benzsulphanilide offered works as important intermediate and is used with other intermediates.



  • Available in quality finish
  • Available in trade name of D. A. S. A.
  • Offered in strength of 90 % minimum
  • Having CAS Number of 785-30-8 and linear formula of H2NC6H4CONHC6H4NH2
  • Having molecular weight of 227.26 and assay of 98%
  • Having mp of 205-207 °C(lit.)
  • Made available at competitive prices

Trade name:D. A. S. A.
4-4 diamino benzsulfanilide
Chemical name:4-4 diamino benzsulfanilide
strength:90 % minimum

2 Napthylamine 1 Sulfonic Acid

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Piece 
Trade name:Tobias acid
2 napthylamine 1 sulfonic acid
Chemical name:2-napthylamine 1-sulphonic acid
Strength:98% minimum (by diazotization)

Acid Easter

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 
1-Amino 2, 5-Dimethoxy Phenyl Sulfone Sulphuric ..Specifications:
Trade name:1-amino 2,5-dimethoxy phenyl sulfone sulphuric acid easter
vinyl sulfone ester of 2,5 dimethoxy aniline
Chemical name:1-amino 2,5-dimethoxy phenyl sulfone sulphuric acid easter
Strength:93 % minimum

6-Nitro 1-Diazo 2-Naphthol 4-Sulphonic Acid

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 
Trade name:Nitro Diazo Acid
6-Nitro 1-Diazo 2-Napthol 4-Sulphonic Acid
Chemical name:6-Nitro 1-Diazo 2-Napthol 4-Sulphonic Acid
Strength:65.00 % Minimum (By Titanium Value)

Stannous Oxalate

Approx Price: Rs 150 / Kilogram 

Stannous Oxalate is a neutral catalyst used to boost up reaction rate increase the yield of the products mainly used in Esterifications reaction. It is also used in Dyeing Printing Textiles.


AppearanceWhite Powder.
Tin Content56.5 % (± 0.02 %)
DegradationAbove 280º C
Density (gm/cc at 20º C)3.55 % (± 0.5)
SolubilityInsoluble in water most of organic solvents

Stannic Chloride Anhydrous (Tin Tetra Chloride)

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 

Stannic Chloride used as Electro conductive & Electroluminescent. Coating, Mordent in Dyeing Textiles, Perfume Stabilization, manufacture of Fuchsin, Color Lakes, Ceramic Coatings, Bleaching Agent for Sugar, Stabilizer for certain Resins, manufacture of Blue Print & other sensitized paper, other Tin Salts, Bacteria & Fungi controlling Soap.


AppearanceClear Colorless Liquid.
Stannic Tin0.458
Specific Gravity2.21 (± 0.02)
Free ChlorinePasses FFC Test

2-Amino, 8-Napthol, 6-Sulfonic Acid

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 
Trade name:GAMMA ACID
Chemical name:2-Amino, 8-Napthol, 6-Sulfonic Acid
Strength:60 % Minimum for Moist Cake
90 % Minimum for Dry Powder

4 Nitro Phthalimide

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 

4 Nitro Phthalimide offered comes with CAS No of 89-40-7 and have chemical formula of C8H4N2O4.




  • Having purity of > 98.5 %
  • Available in pale yellow physical appearance




  • Coming with molecular weight of 192.13
  • Coming with melting point of 203-205 °C
  • Having high purity levels of >99%
  • Also known by names of 4-NITROPHTHALIMIDE; 5-Nitro-1H-isoindole-1,3(2H)-dione; 1H-Isoindole-1,3(2H)-dione, 5-nitro-
  • Having appearance of light yellow crystalline powder
  • Available in packaging of 25/50 Kgs HDPE bags
  • Strength/Purity: 99% Min By HPLC
  • Melting Point: 201 - 202°C
  • Physical Appearance : Light Yellow Crystalline Powder
  • Solubility: Sparingly Soluble In Water, Acetone, Alkali
  • Packing: 25 / 50 Kgs HDPE Bags With Inside Polythene Liner
  • Uses: Pharmaceuticals 5-Bromo Phthalide And Cetalopram HBr, 5-Cyano Phthalide

Sodium Thiosulphate Pentahydrate

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Kilogram 

We are engaged in offering Sodium Thiosulphate Pentahydrate in global markets. We process sodium thiosulphate pentahydrate using superior grade chemicals that are widely acclaimed for being uncontaminated. Due to its high reactivity, sodium thiosulphate pentahydrate finds application in waste water treatment for removing excess chlorine, etc.

Used as a:
  • Food preservative
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Enzyme inhibitor
Molecular Weight248.17
Physical AppearanceSnow White Crystalline Material
Assay (Min)0.99
pH of 10% Aq.Soln.7.0-8.5

2-Chloro Acetyl Chloride

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 
Physical State
Liquid at 20°C
Physical FormClear Water White Liquid
Boiling Point105°C - 107°C
Density1.420 g/cms. (20°C)
Cas Number79-04-09
Molecular FormulaClCH2COCI
Molecular Weight112.95
Purity>= 99.00 %
PackingHM-HDPE Drum Or Carboy's
Cap. 250.0 kg./ 40.0 kg./ 70.0.kg

1-Napthylamine, 3:6:8 Trisulfonic Acid

Approx Price: Rs 150 / Kilogram 
Trade name:KOCH ACID
Chemical name:1-Napthylamine, 3:6:8 Trisulfonic Acid
Strength:45% Minimum for Moist Cake
75% Minimum for Dry Powder

2 Amino 5 Napthol 7 Sulfonic Acid

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Kilogram 
Trade name:J. ACID
2 Amino 5 Napthol 7 Sulfonic Acid
Chemical name:2-Amino-5-Napthol-7-Sulfonic Acid
Strength:55 % Minimum for Wet Cake
90 % Minimum for Dry Powder

Para Nitro Benzoic Acid

Approx Price: Rs 150 / Kilogram 

We offer Para Nitro Benzoic Acid that is known for its purity and efficiency. This is available in various packaging and is mostly used in pharmaceutical and dye industry. Used as an intermediate for bulk drugs especially in the manufacturing of folic acid and in the manufacturing of PABA, DABA, Dye intermediate.


Synonyms4 -Nitro Benzoic Acid, PNBA, P-Nitro Benzoic Acid, 1 -Carboxy-4-nitrobenzene, P-Nitrobenzene carboxylic acid
Molecular FormulaC7H5NO4
Molecular Weight167.12 g/mol
AppearanceYellowish Crystalline Powder
Purity99 % min.
Melting Point2380 C - 2420 C
SolubilitySoluble in Methanol, Diethyl Ether
Packing40 Kg HDPE bag with LD liner
CAS No.62-23-7
EINCES No.2005262
ITC Code291639.09

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 62-23-7

Dibenzoyl Diselenide

Approx Price: Rs 150 / Kilogram 
Dibenzoyl diselenide Natural sources of selenium include certain selenium-rich soils, and selenium that has been bioconcentrated by certain toxic plants such as locoweed. Anthropogenic sources of selenium include coal burning and the mining and smelting of sulfide ores.

Lipid Chemicals

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Kilogram 
ProductsCAS No.ProductsCAS No.
Arachidic Acid506-30-9Arachidic Acid Ester1120-28-1
Butyl Oleate 99 %142-77-8Elaidic acid 99 %112-79-8
Elaidic Acid Ester1937-62-8Linoleic Acid60-33-3
Linoleic Acid Ester112-63-0Arachidate 99 %
Oleate 99%
Oleic Acid 99 %112 - 80 - 1
Oleyl Alcohol 99 %143-28-2Palmitic Acid 99.5%


Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Number 
Antioxidants work in a variety of ways to reduce the effects of free radicals. They can greatly decrease the damage caused by free radicals, stop them from forming to begin with, or "oxidize" them by combining with them and neutralizing their harmful effects through stabilization. Antioxidants protect our cells from damage caused by radicals. Because of their function in cell protection, the benefits of antioxidants are far-reaching and not contained to a single aspect of our health.

Disodium EDTA LR / AR / ACS / EP

Approx Price: Rs 150 / Kilogram 
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA)
Synonyms: Edetic acid, EDTA, H4EDTA, diaminoethane-tetraacetic acid, edetate, versene, ethylenedinitrilo-tetraacetic acid, ethylenediamine-edetate

Other Details:
  • CAS No.: [60-00-4]
  • Formula: C10H16N2O8
  • Molecular weight: 292.24
  • Appearance: white powder
  • Assay: 99.0% min.
  • Chloride: 0.01% max.
  • Fe: 0.001% max.
  • Heavy metal (as per Pb2+): 0.001max.

Calcium Disodium EDTA LR / AR / ACS / EP.

Approx Price: Rs 250 / Kilogram 
We are the leading supplier of Calcium Disodium EDTA LR / AR / ACS / EP.

Magnesium Dipotassium EDTA LR / AR

Approx Price: Rs 145 / Kilogram 
Backed by a team of expert professionals, we have been able to bring forth a wide range of Magnesium Dipotassium EDTA LR / AR. Formulated using best ingredients by our expert professionals, these chemicals find their extensive usage in chemical laboratories other applications.

Magnesium Disodium EDTA LR

Approx Price: Rs 145 / Kilogram 
Linear Formula(NaOOCCH2)2NCH2CH2N(CH2COO)2MgPubchem CID161064MDL NumberMFCD03613601EC No.N/A Beilstein Registry No.N/AIUPAC Namemagnesium; disodium; 2-[2-[bis(2-oxido-2-oxoethyl)amino]ethyl-(2-oxido-2-oxoethyl)amino]acetate SMILESC(CN(CC(=O)[O-])CC(=O)[O-])N(CC(=O)[O-])CC(=O)[O-].[Na+].[Na+].[Mg+2] InchI Identifier In ChI=1S/C10H16N2O8.Mg.2Na/c13-7(14)3-11(4-8(15)16)1-2-12(5-9(17)18)6-10(19)20;;;/h1-6H2,(H,13,14)(H,15,16)(H,17,18)(H,19,20);;;/q;+2;2*+1/p-4InchI Key AWNVVAMWLMUZOZ -UHFFFAOYSA-J

Trisodium EDTA LR / AR

Approx Price: Rs 145 / Kilogram 
We are the leading supplier of Trisodium EDTA LR / AR.

Tetra Potassium EDTA LR / AR

Approx Price: Rs 135 / Kilogram 

Tetra Potassium EDTA LR / AR offered perfectly support reducing high humidity.



  • Stops occurrence of condensation in designated areas/enclosed storage areas
  • By controlling humidity it reduces spoilage, mould, mildew



  • Provides for non leakage/spillage usage
  • Provides for better security and protection for goods and assets
  • Made from non-toxic natural material, the product is also environmentally safe
  • Best choice of industry chemicals compounds and intermediaries
  • Absorbers are ideal for bulk loaded goods
  • Special design that allows for container to be tilted at 45 degrees angle
  • Ensures dry atmosphere in container when other types of desiccants would be blocked by cargo
  • Even at low humidity levels it has ability to effectively protect cargo throughout entire voyage
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